Armoured vehicles on training in Finnmark region. Photo: Thomas Nilsen

Norway to hike defense spendings in mid-year revised budget

The Government on Thursday added 7 billion kroner (€590 million) to Norway’s defense budget for 2024.
May 02, 2024


“This is for expenditures that can’t wait,” Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre said at a press-briefing in Oslo.

“Buildings, facilities, maintenance, air defense and ammunitions,” Støre elaborated. Money will be made available for more training, exercises and operations for the second half of 2024.

The Government’s revised national budget for 2024 will in full be presented on May 14.

Also, by presenting the hike in the defense budget now, the Norwegian delegation to NATO’s up-coming summit in Washington in July can enter the room well aware that Norway already has reached the alliance’s goal for member states to spent 2% of GDP on military.

Jonas Gahr Støre in February 2024 visited the Jaeger Battalion GSV on Norway’s border with Russia. Here looking at the man-portable air-defense missile system. Photo: Atle Staalesen


Earlier this week, the Government allocated an additional 6 billion kroner (€506 million) to air-defense systems for Ukraine.

Air-defense systems is also among the top priorities as Norway’s own military now gets an additional boost. With the extra money to Ukraina and today’s hike in spendings at home, Norway’s defense budget for 2024 increases from 91 to 104 billion kroner. 





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