Espen Barth Eide meets Dmytro Kuleba in Kyiv. Photo: Norway's Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Against Russian aggression: Norway signs security agreement with Ukraine

“We need to do more,” Foreign Minister Espen Barth Eide underlined as he met Ukraine’s Dmytro Kuleba in Kyiv.
April 16, 2024


As the world’s eyes focused on the Middle East, the Norwegian foreign minister this week went to Kyiv to discuss enhanced security cooperation with Ukraine.

During the visit, Barth Eide reaffirmed Norway’s long-term military, political, financial, and humanitarian support to the country that for the past two years has been under attack from its northern neighbor.

The new bilateral agreement strengthens Norway’s close security policy cooperation with Ukraine.

“The agreement demonstrates our clear political commitment to continue to stand by Ukraine, as we have done since Russia’s brutal, full- scale attack over two years ago,” said Minister Eide.

“Ukraine needs support to be able to defend itself against Russian aggression and to deter Russian aggression in the future,” he added.

Similar agreements have been signed by several other European countries, among them Finland.

The bilateral agreements were originally initiated by the G7 countries in connection with the NATO Summit in Vilnius in the summer of 2023.


The agreements are to help Ukraine strengthen its democracy, rule of law, good governance, and respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms. They also aim at integrating the country in the Euro-Atlantic security community.

“We need to do more,” Barth Eide told Kuleba during the visit, NRK reported.

In early 2023, the Norwegian Storting unanimously agreed to establish the Nansen Support Programme for Ukraine, which will provide NOK 75 billion in military, and civilian aid to Ukraine over a period of five years. Last year, Norway provided NOK 19.9 billion in assistance to Ukraine, of which NOK 11 billion went to military aid, the Norwegian government informs.




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