Press conference with Volodomyr Zelensky and Jonas Gahr Støre in Oslo Wednesday morning. Screenshot from live broadcast / Norwegian Government

"This is a fight for freedom and it is also a fight for us," Støre told Zelensky

President Volodymyr Zelenskiy unexpectedly arrived in the Norwegian capital directly from Washington D.C. to meet Nordic leaders a few hours after Russia launched yet another massive ballistic missile attack on civilian infrastructure in Kyiv.
December 13, 2023


Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre made clear that Norway remains committed to long-term military, humanitarian and economic support to Ukraine.

“Russia’s war in Ukraine is a war against our collective security, democratic rights and values as well. Together with our Allies and partners in Europe and the rest of the world, Norway will continue to support Ukraine in its fight to defend itself,” Støre said at the press conference before the Ukrainian president went to the Parliament in Oslo to meet other Nordic leaders. 

Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland and Denmark all stand in strong support for Ukraine’s independence and right to defend its people from the Russian aggressor. 

“Russia’s war violates fundamental principles of international law. Our security, welfare and freedom all rest on a rules-based order, and on finding ways to resolve conflicts without the use of violence,” Støre said. 

Volodymyr Zelensky landed at Gardermoen airport directly after Tuesday’s meetings in the U.S. Congress and White House where he asked for continued military and economic aid from the United States. 

While the Ukrainian President flew over the Atlantic, Russian forces again launched about ten cruise missiles at civilian targets in Kyiv. Air defense systems downed the missiles, but falling debris caused damage to a children’s hospital and residential buildings. 53 people, including six children were injured Ukrainian police officials informed. 

Jonas Gahr Støre announced additional Norwegian military support to Ukraine, including 335 million kroner (some €28 million) to air defense aimed at taking down Russian missiles. 


Norway will add one billion kroner (some €820 million) in co-financing to strengthen the capacity of the defense industry to produce more ammunition and missiles for Ukraine.

“Ukraine is entering the third winter since Russia launched its full-scale invasion of its neighboring country. When it comes to military support, Norway will now be providing more air defense equipment to protect Ukrainian cities against Russian attacks. In addition, we will provide co-financing to strengthen the capacity of the defense industry to ensure that Ukraine has access to sufficient ammunition to defend itself,” Støre said. 

The additional 2023 support from Norway also includes 137 million kroner (€11 million) in support to the UN’s Winter Response Plan, earmarked for food and water, warm clothes, blankets, and places for people to stay if their housing is destroyed during the winter.



Zelensky underlined at the press conference that “Norway is one of the global leaders in supporting Ukraine.

“An example in leadership,” Volodymyr Zelensky said.

The President was affected by the news from Kyiv.

“Last night Russia launched another strike, ballistic missiles, particularly dangerous ones, only at civilian infrastructure,” Zelensky said.

The missiles were identified as Iskander-M and S-400. It is not clear why Russia chose to launch S-400 missiles, intended for air defense, to hit ground targets, but speculations are that the country is running low on cruise missiles.

Volodymyr Zelensky said the anti-air defense systems from Norway “can save thousands of Ukrainian lives.” 


People in Norway’s border region to Russia in support of Ukraine near the Second World War memorial. Photo: Thomas Nilsen




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