The pilot flying west over the Barents Sea with his Tu-95MS long-range bomber. Screenshot from Russian Defense Ministry video

They are frequently terror-bombing Ukraine. Today two of them were met by Norwegian fighter jets up north

"Around 10 am today two F-35 were scrambled from Evenes to identify Russian aircraft," says spokesperson Jonny Karlsen with the Norwegian Joint Headquarters.
April 03, 2024


Two Russian Tu-95MS long-range strategic bombers from Olenya airbase south of Murmansk flew west over the Barents- and Norwegian Seas on Wednesday.

Russia’s Defense Ministry has posted a video on RuTube from the flight, showing the bombers taking off from Olenya, and followed by a Su-35S fighter.


(Click to see video)


These are the same planes and the same crew that over the last year have flown several missions launching cruise missile attacks on targets in Ukraine. Last Friday, the Tu-95MS bombers from Murmansk participated in the large-scale attack against power infrastructure across Ukraine.


On Wednesday, the flights went to the West instead of south towards Ukraine.

“At certain stages of the flight, the strategic missile carriers were escorted by fighter jets of a foreign country,” the defense ministry said.

Jonny Karlsen, spokesperson with the Norwegian Joint Headquaters near Bodø confirms to the Barents Observer that the Russian bombers were outside northern Norway on Wednesday.

“They stayed in international airspace,” Karlsen informs.


One of the two strategic bombers when landing back at Olenya airbase on the Kola Peninsula Wednesday afternoon. The mining dumps near the town of Olenegorsk can be seen in the horizon to the right. Screenshot from Defense Ministry video


A Norwegian P-8 Poseidon maritime patrol and reconnaissance aircraft flew a mission over the eastern Barents Sea at the same time as the Russian bombers were in the area, according to tracking data from FlightRadar24.

Last week, two pair of U.S. Air Force B-1B bombers twice flew over the Arctic and were met by Russian fighther jets, as reported by the Barents Observer.




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