Shtokman - in 2006 considered to be the worlds biggest undeveloped offshore natural gas reserves -  was located in the Barents Sea. But the Barents Region did not only have important oil- and natural gas resources.
As mayor of the IKEA-town of Haparanda, Sven-Erik Bucht, told the british newspaper The Guardian in January 2007:
«Here we have all the world's resources - iron, gold, silver, oil, gas and wood.»
And then Bucht did not even mention the incredibly rich fishing resources out in the Barents Sea; exporting fish to most of the world.
5. Resources and Climate
This was also the time in witch global warming got its commercial break through. Weather was unpredictable and former American vice-president - and soon to be Nobel Peace Price winner - Al Gore, toured the world with his film about An inconvenient truth.
But for the coming of the United States of Barents, this was not at all inconvenient. It was on the contrary very convenient: The climate was improving, tourists were beginning to look to the north, snow was late - if it came at all - and what was more important; with the North East Passage ice-free, all transport from China and the Far East to Europe, would go north around the Barents Region instead of trough the Suez Canal.
Northern Klondike